Kyu Bistro

On Saturday, the husband and I went to the city’s first ever ramen shop. The restaurant was small, but cozy, with about eight tables. The waitress was friendly and took the time to explain the menu, which offered a selection of appetizers and about four different types of ramen to choose from (one being vegetarian). I started off by having the lychee iced tea. I decided to try it upon recommendation from a friend. The lychee taste was light, and quite refreshing.

 Our first appetizer was the agedashi tofu. We were surprised to see that it was not made in the usual fashion. With that being said, we both agreed that it was the best agedashi tofu we ever had, and very much enjoyed it.

 Our next appetizer was bacon wrapped scallops, which was plated on top of a bed of mixed greens with some dressing. It was delicious, but there was nothing particularly special about it.

 My ramen soon arrived thereafter. I had ordered the spicy miso ramen. I usually eat quite spicy, so I found the broth to be not spicy enough for my taste. They had some Japanese red pepper flakes and chili oil at the table, so I added some of that to my ramen. The ramen, was cooked to perfection, being quite nice and chewy.

Overall, it was a good experience, and I would like to come back again to try the other ramens that they offer.


One thought on “Kyu Bistro

  1. Looks yummy! My boss (a white guy) and I are going to make Si Chuan hot pot on Thursday. It’s gonna be very spicy!! 🙂

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