Avocado + Egg Bagelwich

This bagelwich was inspired by all the delicious instagram posts that people have been posting from Black Seed Bagels. I made this bagelwich a while back ago, but decided I’d put up the recipe here, for anyone who would like to give mine a try.


jalapeno + cheese bagel (or any bagel of your choice)
slice or two of mozzarella cheese
over easy egg (fried egg, if you prefer a solid yolk)
half of an avocado, sliced
julienne cabbage (for crunch) + kale

First of all, cut your bagel in half and toast it in the toaster oven. To assemble, spread some mayonnaise on both halves of the bagel. Add kale and the julienne cabbage to the bottom half of the bagel, then add the avocado slices and finally, the egg. Grind some fresh black peppercorn over the top and place the other half of the bagel on top. Lastly, wrap it in wax/parchment paper and then cut it in half with a bread knife, and it’s ready to be eaten!


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