Sherbrook Street Delicatessen

Sherbrook Street Delicatessen is one of the new places that had opened on Sherbrook. They have been opened for quite some time now, but was only able to pay a visit there today. Open entering the delicatessen, you will see a large menu displayed on the wall to your right. One of the servers promptly greeted me and told me to to take a seat. You do not need to wait for a server to take you to your seat, so you could just simply sit down at a table upon arriving there.

Once seated the server provided me with menu to look over. The decor is lovely, and I especially love the photos that are displayed all along the wall. I decided to get the Earl Barish-Smoked Meat Sandwich ($9.75) that came with either mild or hot mustard. I opted for the hot mustard. You can make it into a platter for an additional $4, which includes kettle chips, coleslaw, and a pickle. I also ordered a pickle on the side for $1.35, which is two pickle halves. I also decided to try the chicken gribenes ($2.85), which are basically deep fried chicken skin, and is served with horseradish, I believe. They also have sweets, soups, salads, other appetizers and sides, and (bottomless) house-made sodas.

The smoked meat was super tender and delicious, though I wished they had added more hot mustard.

The chicken gribenes were crispy and lightly seasoned with salt. Taste-wise, I felt the gribenes were somewhat lacking in flavour, and would probably not order it again.

Overall, I would definitely return to try their other sandwiches and their house-made sodas.


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